Friday, May 02, 2014

Princess Day

Dear Princess Emma,

   Poppa and I arrived safely in Canada a couple of days before your Momma's Foot Surgery.  I found this princess dress for you and it fit you perfectly.  We were able to get groceries and pick up some needed supplies as well as get familiar with your teachers, school, and the hospital.

You and I went to a Mother's Day tea at your school.  You were amazing and a great server.  What a special treat for Diva to meet your teacher and your friends.

We were so glad to see your grandparents, John and Gladys Peters.  Your grandmother made the cool poncho that you are wearing.  We had not seen your grandparents in four years so it was fun to see them again and find out what they are doing since they retired.

Your Momma was amazing and healed very quickly.  She was very proficient on her crutches but was so glad to go to a boot and be able to walk again.  She will be so glad when she can run again.

Diva wanted a feather in her hair too.  Your sweet Momma put some in and I wore them proudly for 2 months.  It made me think of you and your Momma every time I combed my hair.

Poppa was Diva's hero.  He was able to drive all over Saskatoon and did not get lost  ( well not too much).  We made you homemade lasagna and you loved it.

We have such a great time with you.  We love you so much.

   Diva and Poppa

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